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Ehi Oviasu-Kahn


Little Art

Ehi Oviasu-Kahn is an attorney, artist and inventor. Her firm, Little Art, creates unique products with patentable mechanisms. Her journey started shortly after her daughter was born. Tinkering in her basement, Ehi developed her first toy for her then four-month old daughter. Before long, she turned her workshop into a full-service studio. She continues to develop toys that are inspired by daily play patterns. As an attorney and mother, Ehi brings multiple perspectives to her work. She is committed to creating toys that are both entertaining and educational. This background also gives her a keen eye for detail and consumer pain points. She understands the importance of social impact goals, consumer safety and innovative business practices and she is committed to upholding these values in every aspect of her work.

With a passion for continuous learning and improvement, Ehi actively engages with childcare professionals, educators, and parents to gain insights into the evolving needs of children. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and incorporating valuable feedback, Ehi ensures that their toys remain relevant and effective in promoting children's growth and well-being. Witnessing the joy and wonder that toys brought to her child, Ehi recognized the tremendous potential toys had in shaping a child's growth and development. With a focus on blending fun and educational elements, Ehi’s toys have garnered acclaim for stimulating imagination, promoting problem-solving skills, and encouraging social interaction among children.

Ehi Oviasu-Kahn
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