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Innovation and Inventors are Trending – Especially Kid Inventors!

Guest Post: Mary Couzin is Founder and President of Chicago Toy & Game Group, and hosts a series of events each November celebrating play and innovation. Mary was honored with the inaugural Elise Lachowyn Mentorship Award at the 2017 Wonder Women Awards Gala and in 2009 for Women in Toys Entrepreneur Award.     With…

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How She Did It: Q&A with Moonlight Inventor, Natalie Rebot

  Natalie Rebot is the inventor and founder of Moonlight World, Inc., and the creator of the Moonlight Storybook Projector, a product that turns any mobile device into a magical storytime experience. We were inspired by Natalie as she shared her story as our keynote speaker at WIT Empowerment Day this month. To learn more…

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Why Keeping Your Big Idea Secret Is a Bad Idea

Guest post by Gina Waldhorn, President of Quirky   On your entrepreneurial journey there comes a moment – many moments in fact – when we’re asked “so what’s your idea?” Your heart stops. You start to think: Who is this person, really? Can they be trusted? Who’s listening at the table next to us? Do…

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Oh, the Places WIT Goes!

If you thought one WIT was powerful, just wait til’ you see what two can do! Yes, that’s right, there’s another WIT – the Women In Trucking Association, Inc. – on the road and together we’re helping put more girls in the driver’s seat than ever before! The merging of the WITs was the result of a chance airport encounter between Women in Toys member and HABA

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WIT Empowerment Day 2017 – A Recap

WIT Empowerment Day 2017 was nothing short of uplifting and motivating! Knowledgeable mentors, productive product pitch sessions, and an inspirational keynote from Creata founder, Norma Rosenhain, all added up to a day of incredible

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