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Delanie West


VP of Product Development, Creative & Global Sourcing


Delanie is founder and creative director at Be Super Creative. Throughout 20 + years of award- winning leadership she’s powered product design, development and operations for mature, multi-national luxury brands, startups and emerging solo-preneurs.

She is the former VP of Product Development and Design at Faber-Castell, Creativity for Kids, and former Vice President, General Manager at Wilton Brands.

Delanie is a WIT Foundation Board member, and serves as Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair. She is Partner and Chief strategy Officer at Black Creatives, a global network of over 15,000 professionals in communications, media, advertising, technology, and fashion. Delanie is an Alumna of Hampton University and candidate for MBA at Syracuse Whitman School of Business.

Delanie is passionate about women-centered causes and projects that yield good things.

Delanie West
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