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Elizabeth Sziler


People and Culture Manager


Elizabeth, a People and Culture Manager at MAGNA-TILES, has over a decade of dedicated experience in fostering inclusive workplaces, nurturing talent, and serving and advocating for people.

Throughout her career, spanning more than ten years, Elizabeth has held pivotal roles in various industries, implementing robust programs that prioritize employee engagement and experience, development, and well-being. She has spearheaded initiatives to attract top talent and cultivate a positive work environment.

Elizabeth is an alumna of Indiana University and an MBA graduate from DePaul University with a dual emphasis on Management and Leadership. She is also in the process of receiving her SHRM certification, scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Elizabeth exudes a passion for reading, embracing thrilling adventures through travel, and cherishing moments spent with her beloved family.

Elizabeth Sziler
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