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Laure LeBlanc

Southern New England


ubi.Q Inc

Laure LeBlanc supports the WiT organization for being a unique resource where women come together to share common goals and broaden networking abilities.

She is a partner in ubi.Q Inc. a company that specializes in toys, games and compounds, yet also designs and develops in consumer products and electronics. The majority of Laure’s work emphasizes new product concepts and marketing strategies, but at ubi.Q Inc there are resources for concept rendering, market presentations, design engineering and CAD. Products licensed by ubi.Q are the game Meltdown, card game Dropsy, Hot Wheels Fusion Factory, Silly Spaghetti Game, GooHU, Hold the Phone, Susy Silly Songs, Baby Whispers, and Follow the Lights Keyboard. Prior to ubi.Q Inc she worked at Coleco Industries, Kenner-Parker Toys, and Proctor & Gamble. Laure lives in Rhode Island and has been involved in WIT since its early stages in 1992.

Laure LeBlanc
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