WIT Stories with Genna Rosenberg

Genna Rosenberg WIT Stories

Genna Rosenberg is the Principal at GennComm and has been an active MemberĀ of WIT’s Southern California Chapter since 2009.

What is the single best piece of business advice that helped shape who you are as a businesswoman today, and why?
Someone once told me “Genna, you should just do PR… ” That advice shaped GennComm. I knew instinctively that we should do the opposite! Together with the most incredible team of smart, passionate and seasoned marketing communications executives, we have grown GennComm, both opportunistically and strategically, using the latest cutting edge tools and tactics. Our strategy is deeply rooted in GennComm’s powerful connections. In today’s fast-changing world, people absorb information on every screen and on demand. We stay ahead of the mega-trends, harness the power of influencers, and cultivate programs that will help our clients make an impact in a crowded marketplace, wherever their customers may be. People come to GennComm because we use an innovative approach.

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced in business, and how did you overcome it?
Time management! As a business owner, entrepreneur, mother, wife and amateur philanthropist, I am really strapped for time! I’ve committed to streamlining processes using technology, and working smarter…it’s a work in progress.

What advice would you offer women wishing to break into the toy/licensing/entertainment industry?
Think about what you’re really great at doing, and find a job doing it in the toy, entertainment or licensing industry. If you love fashion for example, you can do PR or marketing, develop apps for fashion-oriented brands, toycos and more. If you like to design or engineer, you can work for a toy maker bringing your fashion expertise there. You could be the cost accountant, or look for fashion licenses for toycos. It’s endless. Be true to your interests… it will pay off if you love what you do!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
I have so much pride in the work we do at GennComm. Every day I pinch myself that we get to work on such incredible brands with the most amazing IP owners in the world!

What’s the ONE thing you recommend ALL businesswomen do right now to take their business or career to the next level?
Don’t work in a silo! Look out for mega trends and design your business around where things are going, not where they are today. Be open to new things and ideas!

What advice would you offer working moms?
Take a deep breath. My first baby was born during Toy Fair – the biggest week of each year for me work-wise. It’s not easy being a working mom, for me or the kids. But I care very much to be a strong role model for my children, and make sure they know our love comes first. Unplug when you can. Embrace apps when you need a break or time for that important conference call. It’s OK!

What do you do during the first hour of your business day and why?
I wake up in the morning and work on email on my phone for 30-60 minutes in bed before I get the family up. It’s not ideal but it really helps me get a jump on my day and not walk into 100 emails at 8:30am!

What one thing helps you prepare (and relax) in the minutes leading up to a big pitch/presentation?
Honestly – we tell ourselves to have fun with it!

What’s your favorite mobile app?
I’ve been obsessed with our client Zoobe’s new Hello Kitty StoryGIF app! Hello Kitty sliding down the rainbow makes me smile.

What is your favorite productivity tip?
I am now a believer in Google docs! I absolutely love the collaborating tool it provides for multiple users in real time. Also Google slides, sheets, etc. It took me awhile but I’m hooked! I also get an insane amount of email each day. I like to spend time re-sorting my email between name and subject on Outlook. It allows me to catch up quickly on fast-paced email conversations and hopefully reply to the latest ones for the most up to date input!

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?
My husband Daniel is really amazing. He is my business partner, baby daddy and biggest fan. I’m very lucky because he’s extremely supportive of our crazy life and always the best wing man!

Who is your hero? (In business, life or both)
I’ve been pretty moved lately by Jeremy Gutsche, the Trendhunter. His method for accomplishing growth Better and Faster has really been resonating with me!

What does WIT membership mean to you? How has it impacted your career?
I have made hundreds of connections through WIT that have been meaningful both personally and to our agency, while making genuine friendships with some of the smartest and forward-thinking colleagues in the industry. I have worked hard on the Executive Board with our president Ashley Mady and countless others to help grow WIT’s programs and make sure we have benefits that will appeal to folks in all aspects of the industries we touch. Also, I am honored to co-chair our annual Wonder Women Awards Gala with Janice Ross from American Greetings. We’re excited to present a special event for the industry.

And most recently I formalized a relationship with my new business partner Betty Wilkinson who I met through WIT, and we are working on several new exciting ventures in the craft space. With WIT and an open mind, the possibilities are endless!

What has surprised you most about WIT?
I love seeing all the openness to ideation and collaboration. Whether it be conceptualizing and executing on events, speaking on panels, presenting opportunities to share ideas, giving mentorship and advice, or to just socialize – our membership largely wants to work with others. I’m always amazed at what can happen when we infuse new ideas into the mix and magic happens! In fact, one of our board members, Jennifer Caveza from Nickelodeon, recently looked at the WIT logo and thought W-I-T – We Inspire Together…. She thought, surely someone must have thought of that over WIT’s 25 years… but she actually looked at WIT with a fresh pair of eyes, recognized a way to encapsulate what it’s all about, and just nailed it!

What do you wish other people knew about WIT?
You can get out of WIT as much as you put into it! Just come to something, be present, be open to endless possibilities, make connections and enjoy the ride!