Hayley Maguire WIT Stories

Hayley Maguire is the Senior Director Global Creative and Product Development Consumer Products at Hasbro, and she was a 2017 Wonder Women Awards Nominee. Read Hayley’s full bio here.

What is your single best piece of business advice?
Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I learn something new every day that I didn’t know before, that helps me shape and evolve creative strategies, tactics and solutions. Finding new ways to do things or new things to do is exciting and keeps teams inspired and motivated.

What is your favorite productivity tip?
Think seriously about your inclusion… whether it’s participation in meetings, attending calls, replying to emails. Ask yourself the question – What would happen if I didn’t join or didn’t reply? We can all be guilty of perpetuating emails by pressing that ”reply all” button! The other thing to consider is whether someone else on your team would benefit from the experience and exposure of participation in some of the meetings and calls more than you?

What do you do during the first hour of your business day and why?
That depends but will always be one of 3 things:

  • Regional Calls – While I lead a global team, It is important for me to stay connected and accessible to all regions because understanding how regional trends/retail/logistics affect our global direction and vice versa is key. To that end, I’ve blocked a couple of mornings during the week to lead or join key team calls across all the regions.
  • Planning for the day – I will revisit my action list for the day (that I draft the evening before), and cross check that with most recent mails and the meeting schedule for the day so I can ensure I am prepped and organized for the day ahead and that I have all information or deliverables for the day’s key meetings. Doing this before the day kicks in ensures that I optimize my day and minimize last-minute stress.
  • Take 20-30 minutes out to read/review articles of interest such as WGSN, Industry news, trade publications etc. This time out in the morning is crucial for me to charge my creative batteries and allows me to inform decisions or “join dots” later in the day or week. Taking this time early in the day gives me the space and peace to absorb information before the pace of the day kicks in.

What advice would you offer women wishing to break into the licensing industry?
I’d probably offer the same advice to women joining any industry and probably any man.. be authentic, show integrity in all that you do, and don’t limit yourself.