Jessica Blue WIT Stories

Jessica Blue is the SVP – Licensing at UBM, and she was a 2017 Wonder Women Awards Nominee. Read Jessica’s full bio here.

What is your single best piece of business advice?
Be aware of your ‘little voice’. We all have the little voice inside our heads that tell us things like ‘we tried this before and it didn’t work’. My advice wouldn’t be to try and turn the little voice off (actually we can’t!) but to be aware of the fact that it is based on our own previous experience and perspective. Our past experience is important, but decisions should be based on insight that has been gathered and analyzed. This is especially important when instigating change.

What do you do during the first hour of your business day and why?
I communicate with our UK-based team who is responsible for Brand Licensing Europe. I have a window of an hour or so before their day ends so I prioritize BLE matters in the morning. We have lots of early morning calls!

What is your favorite productivity tip?
It’s simple, but ensuring that every meeting has an objective, an agenda and a post-meeting follow-up email – with action points and owners. I’m respectful of people’s time so I make sure all meetings are absolutely necessary and productive and that they start and end on time.

What advice would you offer women wishing to break into the licensing industry?
Network, network, network! Networking and face-to-face interaction is so important in our industry. There are many opportunities to do that whether it’s at our shows in London, Las Vegas, Shanghai or Tokyo or at the Summit in New York. LIMA also organizes networking parties which are great. I would also recommend being knowledgeable about the industry – understanding who is licensing to whom and why. That will make for rich and interesting discussions at the events.