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Join the hundreds of women who've all experienced personal and career acceleration by taking part in the Ruth Handler Mentorship Program for WIT.

Form meaningful connections, deepen your industry knowledge and gain the professional development skills you need to lead and succeed.

We're connecting knowledgeable Mentors with ambitious Mentees in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries from around the globe. Start your mentorship journey today!


Whether you are a young professional or a seasoned veteran, you can make a difference in a woman's life and career. Capitalize on what you're good at and allow others to learn from you. Your experience will be enriching, rewarding and fun!


Unleash the power of your full potential with this personalized 1:1 mentor-match program, designed for women who work in or seek to work in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. Open to all WIT members, this guided program facilitates knowledge transfer and career development that fully aligns with your specific goals and objectives. Click here for a shareable one-sheet.


  • Guided 4-month personalized partnership, powered by Everwise, a best-in-class mentor-match platform
  • Mentees are paired with Mentors who possess desired skills and competencies, based on the Mentee's goals and objectives
  • Mentees build skill sets, increase industry knowledge, achieve development goals, enhance leadership abilities
  • Mentors enjoy a rewarding experience by playing a vital role in the development and advancement of our industry's future leaders
  • Mentees:  This is a free program for all WIT members. You must have an active WIT membership to participate.
  • Mentors:  Both members and non-members can participate as Mentors.

Our program is named in honor of Ruth Handler, the iconic leader who created Barbie
and paved the way for future leaders. She was an inventor. A business owner. A creator. A marketer and a mom. She was curious, entrepreneurial and above all, she was a mentor to many. Ruth Handler was truly revolutionary.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Although mentoring has some overlap with a business consultant, this program is not intended as a way to pitch your business or your product to Mentors. For those looking for a "how to" or a "who's who," we recommend they hire a business consultant or agent.



"Thank you! I'll just keep saying that. This is already helping my career. As a freelance writer who was on the corporate side of games for many years, going out on my own was kind of terrifying and I wasn't sure where I/if I still fit into the industry. My mentor has shown me that I absolutely do and with her help, I feel like I'm on a career path."

. . .

"This is an exceptionally valuable program. Thank you!"

. . .

"I'm so excited I was paired with someone so perfect for me! My mentor commented a few times how similar our paths are. I'm really happy I joined the program."

. . .

"What a great match! Seriously!!!! I know I was probably hard to match (events role but background of marketing and product development). You did very well! She's also midwest like me! So happy! Thank you!"

. . .

"This is by far the best mentorship program that I have ever participated in.  The structure, content, and matching are awesome!  I would highly recommend it to any of my peers."

. . .

"It's been a really great match, just on the initial call she was very welcoming and open with so much insight and has given me new ideas and perspective on my career and different goals. Really looking forward to moving on with the process more."

. . .

"It's refreshing to speak to someone with significant insight into the industry and is a very well established individual personally and professionally."

. . .

"My mentor is an excellent match and I have already been much more productive because of our goal-setting session!"

. . .

"It's amazing!! It flows very naturally, my mentor is fun and very helpful, I'm so happy I enrolled!"


"She is fantastic. I am loving the experience. If I don't have the answers she needs, I bring in other professionals for her to answer."

. . .

"We were both pleased - and surprised - at what a perfect fit we are. So looking forward to helping my mentee and getting to know her better. I suspect we will continue to be in touch after the formal mentoring wraps up."

. . .

"This program is great. My mentee is a good match and is using our conversations and progressing nicely."

. . .

"She's fantastic and I feel like I can really help her. Great match!"

. . .

"Love the Everwise platform that we are using to help guide the process. It helps me feel organized and ensure that I am delivering as a mentor and that I am providing my mentee with the right steps to achieve their goals."

. . .

"I think this match has been great and I am enjoying the formal process. I am looking forward to our next meeting."


New Perspective

Gain perspective and insights from an experienced mentor.

Growth Opportunities

Develop an understanding of your strengths and explore opportunities for growth through curated content, educational modules and more.

Soft Skills

Build soft skills like resilience, problem solving, strategic thinking, setting personal vision, and managing up.

Questions? Contact us at mentorship@womenintoys.com.