Stephanie Pottick

Speaker Expertise: Intellectual Property, Licensing

Experience Moderating: Yes



Stephanie Pottick is a licensing and intellectual property attorney who focuses on helping companies protect their brands and businesses. She is also a business consultant, guiding companies and entrepreneurs through the complexities of the marketplace to help them achieve their goals. Before becoming an attorney, Stephanie worked in the toy industry and has extensive experience with licensing, sales, marketing, product and brand creation, revenue growth, product safety and liability, manufacturing, logistics and merchandising.

Having the unique ability to understand the law from a business perspective and business from a legal perspective, Stephanie is able to draw from the best of both worlds to intuitively identify client issues and assist them by providing practical advice on how to protect and grow their businesses and brands.

Stephanie is passionate about providing information to, and educating, professionals and has spoken in front of a number of groups about business and the law.