2017 Wonder Woman of Manufacturing Nominee


Anna Mowbray

Chief Operating Officer, ZURU Toys

Anna Mowbray is the co-owner, COO and CFO of ZURU toys; an extremely fast-growing toy manufacturer, developer and distributor based in Shenzhen, China. ZURU is known for its agility, family culture and leadership in automated toy manufacturing. Anna sits at the helm of ZURU and is the backbone of the organization overseeing all operations, marketing, distribution, new product development, investments and financials.


Anna’s achievements include growing ZURU with her two siblings from infancy 11 years ago to a $200M+ business. All this while raising two kids under the age of five in a foreign country, with another one now on the way. Anna leads a manufacturing team of over 2,200 direct employees with indirect employees of over 10,000. In 2016, she oversaw the transition to automated manufacturing of top-selling toy, Bunch O Balloons. Anna’s accolades include Collectable Toy of the Year (2013) for RoboFish and Australian Toy Association Toy of the Year (2015), Germany Toy Award (2016) and upcoming Finalist for USA Toy of the Year in February for Bunch O Balloons. At only 32, she is disrupting the toy manufacturing industry.