2017 Wonder Woman of Rising Star Nominee


Laura Barta

Founder & President, Whole Wide World Toys

Laura Barta is the Founder & President of Whole Wide World Toys, making toys that capture the wonder of world cultures.


Laura discovered the world’s goodness while gazing into the window of a Paris pastry shop. Her curiosity blossomed while living and working in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, researching people’s wants and needs and designing products for Procter & Gamble. She capitalized on her nomadic lifestyle traveling to 50+ countries, always curious about how people think and live.


Laura has poured that interest into creating the multi-award winning World Village Playsets – toys that immerse kids in world cultures with creative, storytelling play. Whole Wide World Toys aims to build curiosity and respect for the world’s people.


Her toys boast beautiful artwork, countless cultural details and learning style options for hours of independent play. Each play set includes a soft fabric play mat, wooden puzzle with play figures, story and activity book, and story cards.


She also founded and runs two groups as a resource to herself and many others: Toy and Game Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and HERS (Hershey Entrepreneurs’ Resources and Support) an online and in-person advisory group. She hangs her hat in Hershey, Pennsylvania where the air smells like chocolate.