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Ruth Synowic



Ruth Green Concepts, Inc.

Ruth Green-Synowic is an award-winning independent toy inventor and President of Ruth Green Concepts, Inc., a toy, game, and product design consultancy. Ruth’s career began at BMT nearly three decades ago; she’s applied her passion for creativity and product invention to the Toy Industry ever since. Ruth was VP at a Chicago-based agency where she led multiple Creative teams in the creation of hundreds of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.

Her arts & crafts line, Paint-Sation, won 2017 Toy of the Year in France, in the Crafts category. She was nominated for Toy Inventor of the Year at the 2017 TAGIEs; for WIT’s Designer/Inventor of the Year in 2008; and she was awarded for Creative Excellence by her peers in 2009 and 2011.

Ruth’s playful contributions can be seen in more than 1,500 products worldwide; including a game concept she pitched at WIT’s Empowerment Day, which was released by Spin Master in 2020: Cone of Shame.

Ruth Synowic
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