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Our Mission

The WiT Young Professional Network's purpose is to ensure those new and not-so-new to the industry have the tools they need to succeed through a passionate network of peers and a variety of custom programming.

Build. Grow. Advance.

At our core, we're all about career development. Whether you’re a recent college grad, an emerging entrepreneur, or new to the industry — WiT YPN is for you. If you’re just starting out, we'll provide you with the tools you need to succeed. YPN provides professional and personal growth, develops leadership skills, and gives you the freedom to get involved in whatever way suits you best — from formal events, to informal networking opportunities, to catered programming just for you.


To learn more, contact Peg Brom, Community Manager.


"From my first WiT YPN event, I’ve felt uplifted, embraced and respected amongst the community of brilliant female leaders in the toy, entertainment and licensing industries. It’s rare and incredible to have an outlet and community of women to connect and exchange helpful resources with on this level! WiT YPN is well-informed on industry trends and has introduced me to women across the globe and I’m so thankful for that opportunity. Looking forward to meeting more creative minds and unstoppable, ambitious women!"

Marijana Mustec, International Marketing Manager, Corus Entertainment / Nelvana 

"I think this match has been great and I am enjoying the formal process. I am looking forward to our next meeting.""In such a fast paced and dynamic industry, it’s nice to have a space to pause for personal and professional development, and to connect with other young professionals in the field in a fun and collaborative way."

Shelby Lapoce-Lintz, Hasbro

"The WiT YPN Network was a welcoming and supportive place to meet others in the toy, licensing, and entertainment world when I was new to the scene. The professional development webinars and events gave me tools that boosted my confidence and even helped me land a new position in the industry. I’m so grateful to have found this community!”

Alexis Wilcock, Licensing Manager, ADK Emotions NY

"I'm so excited I was paired with someone so perfect for me! My mentor commented a few times how similar our paths are. I'm r"Women in Toys is a great association to be part of, there are so many opportunities to connect with talented people from all different backgrounds and levels of experience. I’m especially grateful for the Mentorship Program and for my mentor. We worked together for many months and throughout that time my mentor was nothing but patient, kind, and provided thought-provoking ideas and advice that has helped me with my career growth and development. Although my time in the Mentorship Program has come to an end, I find comfort in knowing that my mentor, and all other mentors in the program, will continue to be a great listener and advocate."eally happy I joined the program."

Victoria Lee, eOne

"During the pandemic, I was fortunate to learn about WiT and WiT YPN. I'm one of the founders of a woman-owned game startup, so I thought I'd see what the group was about. To my delight and surprise I found a group of amazing women who love their jobs and are helping others learn about the toy and game industry. Since then, I've become a member of WiT, attended virtual meetings around the country, made some new friends, and become a WiT mentor. If you're interested in the toy and game industry. WiT is an essential org. I never met so many people in an organization say,"I love my job."

Cynthia Kirkeby , Wiz-a-Witz

"She is fantastic. I am loving the experience. If I don't have the answers she needs, I bring in other professionals for "What an incredible group of people! I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to be able to connect with other highly driven women in a setting like this. I love that the vibe is all about empowering each other and slaying our goals!" to answer."

Haley Chapman, Team Leader at The LEGO Group

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