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Refer New Members. Lower Your Dues. Help Grow WiT.

Our Referral Program is a Win-Win-Win.

Your referrals help to grow our WiT community and move our mission forward -- and both you and those you refer will save on membershp dues. By referring members, you are taking an active role in strengthening our network, expanding our reach, creating more business connections, and helping our collective voice to become even stronger!


Referring Member:

  • Get $25 Credit For Each New WiT Member.  When a friend/colleague whom you refer joins WiT, you'll earn a $25 credit that can be used toward your membership dues or a future event. 

  • Get one month added to your WiT membership for every new member you refer.

Referred Member:

  • Get an extra three months added to their 1-year or 2-year membership.


  1. Send your friend/colleague this WiT Membership Flyer, and share this sign-up link with them. Remember, it's your shared experiences about the WiT community and your success stories that will resonate the most!

  2. Make sure your friend/colleague puts your name in the "Referred by" space on the membership application. To get your $25 credit, the new member must include your name.

  3. That's it! The new member will receive an email mentioning that you referred them, and we'll get in touch with you as your new member referrals come in.



Q:  What level of membership do new members need to purchase?

A:  New members who join at the 1-year or 2-year level, and complete the “Name of person who referred you” field will generate a Membership Referral credit for the member who refers them to WiT. 

Q:  How will WiT know who referred a new member?

A:  We review the “Name of person who referred you” field when processing new membership applications. We can assign a referral credit only if the new member completes that field with the referring member’s name.

Q:  How can I use my Membership Referral credit?

A:  You can apply your Membership Referral credit toward either your next membership renewal, or your next event registration fee. (Note:  The Membership Referral credit has no cash equivalent and cannot be used for any other purpose or substituted for any other prize.)

Q:  How do I redeem my Membership Referral credit?

A:  Members who earn Membership Referral credits will receive an email from WiT notifying them of their credit(s) and how to redeem them.

Q:  How will the member I refer redeem the extra three months for their membership?

A:  New members will receive an email from WiT notifying them of their extended membership.

Q:  How long will the Membership Referral Program be active?

A:  The program is active all year!

Q:  Can this be combined with any other offer (example: Buy One / Share One)?

A:  No, this offer does not apply to complimentary memberships.

Q: I referred a friend a couple of months ago - am I eligible for the $25 credit?

A: No, only new memberships referrals activated today or in the future are eligible



Have questions? Please contact our Community Manager, Peg Brom at

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