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Introducing WiT Black Women-Owned Shopping Guide!


Explore our exclusive Shopping Guide spotlighting exceptional black women-owned businesses from WiT's vibrant community.

Discover a diverse array of businesses reshaping industries with creativity and passion. From empowering dolls to innovative toys and inspiring books, each embodies excellence and diversity. Join us in championing Black-owned businesses all year-round!

Afro Unicorn.png

Afro Unicorn

Afro Unicorn is a brand designed to represent the uniqueness of women and children of color in a truly diverse and inclusive fashion. 

AnneCorp Literary Works.png

AnneCorp Literary Works 

AnneCorp Literary Works is dedicated to inspiring children through engaging products and stories that encourage creativity and strengthen family bonds. 

Black to the Lab.png

Black to the Lab

Black To The Lab

offers an innovative approach to addressing the racial and gender disparity in

STEM education.



CurlCap offers stylish fashionable yet functional headwear tailored for the natural hair community, the brand has expanded to offer a variety of styles, including satin-lined options.


Match-N-Rhyme LLC.png

Match-N-Rhyme LLC

A game & toy company committed to crafting high-quality tabletop games that foster skill development & social interaction.

Nia Ballerina.png

Nia Ballerina

Nia Ballerina champions diversity and inclusivity in ballet, offering representation for girls often excluded from mainstream products.

Purpose Toys.png

Purpose Toys

Purpose Toys, a mission-driven enterprise, celebrates and centers communities of culture.

The Bitty Bravo by Bittyrina.png

The Bitty Bravo by Bittyrina

The Bitty Bravo by Bittyrina provides uplifting support for children during milestone moments, encouraging them as they embark on new journeys.

AGC Toys Inc.png

AGC Toys Inc.

AGC Toys Inc. is a visionary toy company committed to empowering children through Afro-positive representation &  imaginative play.

Black Paper Party.png

Black Paper Party

Black Paper Party, founded by three Black women, addresses the lack of holiday decorations and wrapping paper that authentically represent diverse communities.

Brown Toy Box.png

Brown Toy Box

Brown Toy Box believes in positive representation for all children, particularly Black youth, across various spaces, from toy aisles to classrooms.


Greater Works LLC (2).png

Greater Works LLC

Greater Works LLC, led by Darla Davenport-Powell, is a pioneering children’s multimedia edutainment company.



MONARK, founded by marketing leader Aneesah R. K. Williams, offers inclusive marketing strategies and cognitive coaching services.

Philly & Friends.png

Philly & Friends

An award-winning children's lifestyle & toy brand, aims to infuse diversity into playrooms while fostering literacy in underprivileged children.

Sway_Oh, LLc.png

Sway_Oh, LLC

Sway_Oh, LLC understands the significance of food in celebrating life's special moments.

The Dr. Lisa Company.png

The Dr. Lisa Company

Fresh Dolls, founded by Dr. Lisa, is the original multicultural doll brand that empowers children of all colors and backgrounds to embrace their authentic selves.

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