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Get involved with WiT by joining a committee today! Email for more information.

Chapter Development Committee

Strengthen the infrastructure of WiT at the local chapter level, and help to ensure chapter growth and viability.


Christina Sklavenitis (Chair)

Legal Committee

Provide advice and oversight for the legal and compliance functions of WiT.


Cynthia Nishimoto (Chair)

Howard Fine
Karen Kilpatrick
Michele Martell
Stephanie Pottick

Membership Committee

Collaborate with WiT committees, board of directors and staff on key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.


Kristi Wasmer (Chair)
Eryn Grewe

Lisa Whitaker.

Programming Committee

Provide strategy and oversight of programming and events that align with the WiT mission, focused on professional development and educational opportunities for WiT members to learn and grow professionally.


Michele Martell (Chair)

Sponsorship / Fundraising Committee

Provide strategic direction for WiT's fundraising and sponsorship efforts, and assist with overall coordination of activities.


Deidre Osei (Chair)

Wonder Woman Awards Committee

Oversee the annual Wonder Women Awards gala, provide direction and assistance in the nominations process, and aid in the planning and execution of the gala.


Ehi Oviasu (Co-Chair)

Nancy Molenda (Co-Chair)

DEI Committee

Drive our strategy to support WiT members and our partners toward efforts of DEI. Through education, programming, mentorship, and networking opportunities, help us create a face of our industry's women that transcends gender, race, ethnicity and culture.


Shawn Smith (Co-Chair)
Stephanie Bailey (Co-Chair)

Angelina Castro
Anita Castellar
Bisma Ansari
Concepcion Sosa
Donna Moore
Eryn Grewe
Genna Rosenberg
Janice Ross
Kristi Wasmer
Tambra Raye Stevenson
Terri-Nichelle Bradley

Marketing Committee

Assist in development of marketing strategies and campaigns to promote awareness for WiT and its programming and events.


Karen Kilpatrick (Chair)

Alexa Westerfield
Azhelle Wade
Christina Sklavenitis
Jamie Epstein
Rachel Leber
Stefanie Barone

Nominating Committee

Recommend and nominate qualified individuals as members of the Board of Directors and its Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer).


Gena Lavallee (Chair)

Delanie West

Scholarship Committee

Oversee the annual WiT Foundation Scholarship Program, identify candidate recipients, and work with the WiT staff to ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarship funds.


Angelina Castro (Co-Chair)
Kristin Lecour (Co-Chair)

YPN Committee

Provide strategic direction for WiT's Young Professionals Network, and assist in driving programming and events focused on the growth and development of the next general of business leaders.


Amanda Marschall (Co-Chair)

Megan Gardner (Co-Chair)

Ali Mierzejewski
Francesca (Frankie) Flanagan
Stephanie Bailey

Maddie Michalik

Julia Ross

Erica Zavala

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