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Christina Sklavenitis


Christina Sklavenitis Consulting

Christina Sklavenitis is the principal storyteller and founder of a marketing and licensing agency established in 2015. Christina Sklavenitis Consulting (CSC) provides consumer product programs with a tailored approach to brand building. Christina is also a partner in For Heroes Only (FHO). FHO is a cost effective, digital-first, content creation and media studio specializing in 2D and 3D animation. Peekabeans, FHO’s YouTube flagship initiative for kids, is positioned to develop into a strong and long-lasting entertainment franchise. Christina’s guiding mantra, “Design, develop, dream, in 3D," is a literal emphasis on three-dimensional, creative, innovative, and forward thinking. As the Montreal Chapter Chair at Women in Toys, Licensing, and Entertainment (WIT), Christina takes pride in supporting and networking with women in the industry. Her involvement on the board of directors showcases her dedication to empowering and supporting women in the industry, fostering connections, and providing opportunities for future growth and collaboration.

Christina Sklavenitis
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