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DeeDee Wright Ward

CEO & Founder

Purpose Toys, Purpose Toys Latin

DeeDee Wright Ward is an African American entrepreneur, multidisciplinary creative, brand specialist, seasoned strategist, and CEO of Purpose Toys (and Purpose Toys Latin).

Established in 2020, Purpose is affectionately known as the “Motown of Toys,” offering authentic, inspirational, and culturally rich entertainment for all.

Initially launched in 2020 as a trend-based celebrity-licensing enterprise with a focus on children's goods, Wright-Ward recognized the need for authentic cultural toys and leadership within the industry. In 2022, Purpose was relaunched as an evergreen-focused startup, emphasizing original cultural IPs.

As the founder and creator of deeply-cultural NATURALISTA’S, Wright-Ward made history in 2022 by securing placement for the award-winning Black-owned Natural Hair fashion doll line, making it the world's first to be carried market-wide. The brand became a 2022 TOTY "Doll of the Year" finalist, achieving full-chain distribution at Walmart and Target, as well as international placement.

Under Wright-Ward's pioneering leadership, Purpose Toys is not only a cultural behemoth but also an industry expert in Natural Hair Products and culture-driven products for kids. As the first Black-owned toy company positioning itself as a "Pipeline to Major Retail for Toy Entrepreneurs of Culture," 2022 saw the successful launch of "HBCYOU Dolls," the world's first Historically Black College and University-focused doll line.

In 2023, Wright-Ward made history again with LATINISTAS, the world's first all-Latina fashion doll line under Purpose Toys Latin, the first-and-only dedicated Latino-focused and Latino-led toy division in the nation. LATINISTAS became a 2023 TOTY "Doll of the Year" finalist in its first year.

With forthcoming expansions, new innovations, and a groundbreaking licensing program, Purpose Toys and Purpose Toys Latin are at the forefront of deliberate, principled, and disruptive multimedia startups, committed to creating a more equitable business community and celebrating culture in toy aisles worldwide.

DeeDee Wright Ward
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