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At WiT, we love to shine a light on our members' stories and give them a chance to answer questions about themselves, plus offer advice to other members. 

Amy Theorin



Something's Awry Productions

"Learn as you go. Pave your own path and make your own opportunities. Work with good people, not just people who are good at their jobs but good in general."

More About Me

Tell us about your career journey and how you ended up here.

I started out as an advertising manager for PNC Delaware and moved on to owning my own high end photography studio for 12 years before starting Something's Awry Productions.

Describe yourself in 5-7 words.

Positive, creative, organized, passionate with a can do attitude!

Tell us about a time when you thrived at work, and what you learned about yourself from that experience.

I thrive when there are a lot of moving parts whether it's on set or managing multiple projects and several clients at once. I found that I am good at predicting and planning for multiple scenarios so we are ready to problem solve before it becomes a problem!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love working with people who have a positive can do attitude and realize we have one of the best jobs out there because we work with kids and toys- what could be better than that?

How about when you "turn off" and go home? Any hobbies or fun activities you are involved in?

I have to say I am not good at 'turning off' but I do like to plan theme dinners and events for our neighborhood in my 'down' time.

Any must-read, must-watch or must-follow recommendations?

I am a big fan of podcasts like How I Built This and Pop Culture Happy Hour. I also love movies that take you along for the ride like Ford v Ferrari and 1917.

Amy Theorin
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