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Would you like to be our next member spotlight?

At WiT, we love to shine a light on our members' stories and give them a chance to answer questions about themselves, plus offer advice to other members. 

Margot Michon

California - Southern

Senior Account Executive

Media Bridge Design

"Look on the bright side of things! "

More About Me

Tell us about your career journey and how you ended up here.

Serendipity first, being nimble second!

Describe yourself in 5-7 words.

I could be thought of as being quirky.

Tell us about a time when you thrived at work, and what you learned about yourself from that experience.

I love when projects come in as it gives me a chance to research and fall down the web rabbit hole to come up with ideas to share with the team...the conceptual part. It feeds my creative side.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Connecting with people and hearing their "story"

How about when you "turn off" and go home? Any hobbies or fun activities you are involved in?

For indoors, I am a silversmith and jewelry designer.  Outdoors, ocean + beach, working in the garden.

Any must-read, must-watch or must-follow recommendations?

Just finished reading The Vanishing Half, it jumped to top of best seller list for a reason. Must watch, The Bureau, french TV series so good!

Anything else you want to share with the WIT Community?

WIT Community is a great group of people!

Margot Michon
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