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At WiT, we love to shine a light on our members' stories and give them a chance to answer questions about themselves, plus offer advice to other members. 

Nancy Elias


Artist & Creative Entrepreneur

Nancy Elias

‘Be the Change You Wish To See in the World’ - Mahatma Gandhi

More About Me

Tell us about your career journey and how you ended up here.

I’m a multicultural mix of East and West.

- The Netherlands is where I grew up and spent my magical childhood years.

- Cyprus is where I went to high school and over the years it became like a second home. Later, I also gave birth to my daughter there.

- Egypt is where my roots lie and where I went to university while also learning more about my cultural heritage.

- Dubai is where my heart is and incidentally also where I met my husband and got married.

- France is my beloved current home and where I gave birth to my son.

Confused? Me, too!

As you can imagine, I’ve lived my life never quite fitting in. While this bothered me growing up, over the years I’ve come to appreciate how my background gave me a unique experience of the world.

When I became a mother, it became increasingly important to me that my kids grow up feeling proud of all their cultural identities and to see the beauty in our differences.

I believe that exposing kids early on to different cultures and traditions in a fun and authentic way can foster a genuine interest and embracing of people of all cultures as they grow into adulthood. Through introducing themes of diversity in my art, I hope to increase tolerance, empathy, self-love and belonging.

My art also helps me share the joy and magic that happens when we experience other cultures and take the opportunity to learn from each other. These connections and memories enrich our lives like nothing else can!

During a recent consultation with an art licensing agent, she encouraged me to explore licensing my art for the toy and entertainment industry and I got very excited about the idea and after some research, I ended up here :)

Describe yourself in 5-7 words - have fun with it!

Multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, Artist and Mama.

Tell us about a time when you thrived at work, and what you learned about yourself from that experience.

Ask me again in a few years 

What is your favorite part of your job?

Getting to work in my pajamas!

How about when you "turn off" and go home? Any hobbies or fun activities you are involved in?

I love all things creative! To switch off I also enjoy yoga, watching Netflix and playing with my kids.

Any must-read, must-watch or must-follow recomendations?

Books: Start with Why, Building a Storybrand, This is Marketing, The 1-page Marketing Plan, Daring Greatly, Atomic Habits

Must Follow: The Toy Coach

Anything else you want to share with the WiT Community?

I’m in awe of this group and it’s mission! It’s so refreshing to find this kind of help and support in such a competitive industry. Thank you to everyone involved for creating this welcoming community for newbies :)

Nancy Elias
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