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At WiT, we love to shine a light on our members' stories and give them a chance to answer questions about themselves, plus offer advice to other members. 

Stacey McBride-Irby

California - Southern


McIrby Ent.

"When our girls have a happy, inspired childhood they become happy, inspired, powerful women."

More About Me

Tell us about your career journey and how you ended up here.

I loved playing with dolls as a little girl, baby dolls taught me to nurture and Barbie taught me to dream. I went to school for fashion design and landed my dream job as a Barbie Designer! I wanted to create dolls that represented my daughter and girls in my community, Mattel was a great start but then I was inspired to branch out on my own. As an entrepreneur, I was able to create and empower women through the dolls that I designed from my heart.

Describe yourself in 5-7 words.

I am a fun spirited ambivert!

Tell us about a time when you thrived at work, and what you learned about yourself from that experience.

I thrived while simultaneously requested to create my first Barbie play set (TV Chef) doll and collector (AKA Sorority) doll. From building foam core models to pleasing the licensor, both dolls were successful! I learned that I when challenged, I could manage and succeed.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The creative process and knowing that what I create will inspire others.

Stacey McBride-Irby
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