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WiT Announces 2023 Wonder Women Awards Finalists

July 27, 2023 - New York - Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WIT) proudly reveals the highly anticipated slate of finalists for the prestigious 2023 Wonder Women Awards. This esteemed recognition honors outstanding female executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers, whose exceptional accomplishments have made a profound impact on the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. 

The 2023 Wonder Women Award Finalists are:


Anna Songco Adamian, Crunchyroll

Anne Marie Horne, Hasbro, Inc.

Christine Tran, Amazon

Jamie Sikorski, Jazwares

Melissa Liu, Spin Master

Melissa Rodriguez, Universal Products & Experiences

Meredith Norrie, Mattel


Alexis Hoopes, Mattel

Allyson Kalvonjian, Paramount

Angela Filippone, Just Play

Chelsea Stevens, ZURU

Jessica Wichard, Jazwares

Joy Booth, Spin Master

Julie Thompson, LEGO Systems, Inc.

Kristen Shackleford, Amazon

Mary Wood, TOMY International

Refugio Lando, Hasbro, Inc.


Carly McGinnis, Exploding Kittens

Jamie Emmick, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Joanna Delany, Mattel

Julie Doverspike, Goliath Group

Kristen Beam, LEGO Systems, Inc.

Lauren Killian, Jazwares

Marlyn Palmer, Spin Master

Melissa (Mel) Hershey, Hasbro, Inc.

Rainey Perez, Amazon

Ruth Balbach, Universal Products & Experiences


Allie Jennings, Hasbro, Inc.

Doreen Fazio, LEGO Systems, Inc.

Kana Claussen, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Natasha McGrath, Mattel

Liv DeLuca, TOMY International

Sunny Cho, Jazwares

Vanessa Wilson, Spin Master

Wendi Wing, Moose Toys


April Mitchell, 4A’s Creations

Britney Crowell, CurlCap

Elenor Mak, Jilly Bing

Lauren Cecchi, Signables

Marina Khidekel, Hugimals World

Melody Hsieh-Hornstra, Mobo Cruisers, ASA Products

Sheila Gray, Sheila Gray Collection


Alexandra Kavalova, Spin Master

Allie Walker, SuperAwesome

Amy Kelly, LEGO Systems, Inc.

Kat Marr, ZURU

Leah Ringelstein, Zigazoo

Sara DeWitt, PBS Kids

Sarah Braun, Amazon

Shenae Gill, Hasbro, Inc.


Cat Caterisano, Goliath Group

Judy Huang, Mattel

Margaret Abroms, Spin Master

Molly Robbins, USPA Global Licensing

Surina Modha, Universal Products & Experiences

Tanya Thompson, Hasbro, Inc.


Amanda Moldovan, Mattel

Francesca Sonand, ZURU

Grace Ng, Moose Toys

Jessica Kalichman, WowWee

Jonelle Brown, Paramount

Julie Gwaltney, TOMY International

Kelly Searfoss, Jazwares

Lauren Haxell, Hasbro, Inc.

Stephanie Guo, Spin Master

Taylor Beach, Amazon


Amarilis Whitty, Mattel

Caleigh Anthony, Spin Master

Claudia Vine, Moose Toys

Kassandra O’Brien, ChizSix Marketing & Media

Lauren Purnell, Universal Products & Experiences

Libby Shearer, ZURU

Molly Lindemann-Paolillo, TOMY International

Molly Martin, The LEGO Group


Adeline Trento, Toys”R”Us at Macy’s

Alysha Curtis, Moose Toys

Angela Beck, Mattel

Elizabeth McFarlane, Paramount

Irene Li, ZURU

Lorena Montalvo, TOMY International

Madeline Boushie, LEGO Systems, Inc.

Meredith Brooks, Hasbro, Inc.

Rakhee Ghelani, Universal Products & Experiences

Sasha Bash, Amazon

Shabnam Elmi, Minecraft (Microsoft)

Vanessa Raponi, Spin Master


Akruti Babaria, Kulture Khazana, LLC

Amy Bastuga, Radio Flyer

Anna Griese, Toysmith

Carolina Acosta, Tragos Games

Devanshi Kejriwal, Skillmatics

Kelly Kirk-Xu, Money Masters (Walter the Vault)

Kim Chang, Just Play

Lana West, Schleich USA, Inc.

Laurie Lane, Create A Castle

Reilly Bailey, Learning Express Toys

Shail Mehta, The Last Gameboard

Tysha Brown, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company


Crystal Miller, Mattel

Deb Silver, Jazwares

Emilia Hogan, TOMY International

Fiona Hardie, Amazon

Kara Hong, ZURU

Kate O’Loughlin, SuperAwesome

Nicole McGinn, Spin Master

Pamela Krominga, Target

Shelly Mazzanoble, Hasbro, Inc.

Victoria Gomez, LEGO Systems, Inc.


April Showers, Afro Unicorn

Helen Townsend, Sustained Fun

Kirsten Field, Kids Crafts, LLC

Kusuma Reddy, Culturorama Toys

Paige McInnes, Little Change Creators

Dr. Zabina Bhasin, In KidZ

Voting will be open to all WIT members, from Wednesday, August 9 to Wednesday, August 23, 2023. Winners will be announced at the Wonder Women Awards Gala, to be held Sunday, October 1st at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers, coinciding with Toy Fair New York. 

“The Wonder Women Awards is a beacon of inspiration, spotlighting visionary women in our industry for their exceptional dedication and innovation,” said Ehi Oviasu-Kahn, Wonder Women Awards Committee Co-Chair. “These remarkable finalists represent the pinnacle of success and exemplify the spirit of excellence that drives the WiT community and our industry forward.”

“This year's theme of Thriving Together: Celebrating Boldness, Impact and Collaboration, echoes the core values of WiT,” said Nancy Molenda, Wonder Women Awards Committee Co-Chair. “We celebrate these extraordinary women for their outstanding achievements, which have propelled positive change that continues to shape our industry’s landscape, and empower the next generation of leaders.”

To purchase tickets/tables, or to sponsor the Wonder Woman Awards, please visit

With gratitude, WiT thanks its generous 2023 sponsors, including Mattel, Paramount, Amazon, Hasbro, LEGO, Spin Master, Jazwares, Bandai Foundation, TOMY, and the many sponsors whose donations support the organization year-round. Proceeds from this event help fund the WiT Foundation Scholarship Program, and critical year-round WiT programming and initiatives.


Founded in 1991, Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment (WIT) / The WIT Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advance women through leadership, networking and educational opportunities. WIT serves and supports women at all stages of their careers, from entrepreneurs and startups to seasoned industry veterans. The WIT Foundation grants scholarships to deserving students enrolled in industry-related undergraduate programs. WIT has 25 chapters throughout the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, France, the UK and Australia, with liaisons in Finland, Germany, India and Lebanon.

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