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What is the Sustainability Learning Community (SLC)?


The SLC is a global virtual meetup and forum for people working on - or wanting to work on - making toys more sustainable. Together, we're all about learning, collaborating, and sparking new ideas. By sharing knowledge and leading together, we're on a mission to champion eco-friendly practices across toys and consumer products. Success is sustainability-curious professionals getting to know each other, learning together, and ultimately improving our industry. We meet 1x/month, on the last Thursday of each month.

How does the SLC work?

Before each meetup, the group will be surveyed via Polly to find out what topics you want to dive into. During the meetups, attendees will break into separate topic-themed breakout groups for discussion. There is no set agenda or questions – each group is a place to organically learn, ask questions, discuss ideas, share recent readings, etc. You can stay in one topic breakout group the whole time, or move around from topic to topic. 

How do I join the SLC


Monthly meetups can all be found on the WiT events page here. All you need to do is register, then show up with an open mind, prepared to listen and learn. We host a wide range of individuals doing sustainability work – whether they are technical materials experts, or those new to the field looking to become sustainability champions in their current roles. The more active our community is in sharing what they want to discuss, the better our outcome will be. 

If I register for one monthly meetup, do I have to register for the rest? 


No, once you register for a meetup, recurring invites will be added to your calendar. 

How do I use Polly?


Polly is the polling app we use to find out the topics you'd like to discuss and/or learn more about during our meetups. It's recommended that you check Polly between meetups to add your thoughts and vote on new topics.

  1. Click on the link

  2. Enter your name (adding your own photo is optional!)

  3. To vote on a topic you’re interested in – click the heart at the right side of the topic

  4. To submit a topic you’re interested in – type your topic in the “Add Suggestion” line above all the topics, then click the “+” sign to the right


To stay in the loop, join us on the WiT Slack #sustainability channel here!

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