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The WIT Foundation, Inc is a 501(c)(3) corporation. The Foundation grants scholarships to recognize outstanding women in toy design and other industry-related programs at colleges and universities around the world. These young women are the future leaders of the toy, licensing and entertainment industries, and a portion of the money raised by WIT supports the Foundation is dedicated to supporting WIT-Sponsored scholarships to help nurture their talents. One day they may bring their passion, vision and creativity to one of our companies.

Contributions made payable to “WIT Foundation, Inc.” are deductible as charitable donations.

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We know that knowledge, networking, and support are the keys to professional success. Membership allows you to build relationships with successful, passionate professional women working in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. We want to help you succeed!

WIT (Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment)

WIT is the preeminent networking organization for professional women in the toy, licensing and entertainment industries. WIT members span the globe, and receive meaningful empowerment tools, resources and support that foster ideation, connections, collaboration and education to achieve professional success.

It is our Mission

  • Our Mission

    WIT’s mission is to provide professional opportunities for women working within the toy, licensing and entertainment industries to connect, collaborate and build great relationships that focus on helping each other achieve success. We seek to:

    • Connect our industry’s women and provide a conduit that fosters strong relationships, creative collaboration, and new business opportunities at our many local, national and international events.
    • Provide resources that educate and guide our members through free informational webinars, inspirational speakers and mentorship.
    • Give women unique opportunities to grow their businesses and their careers through our Empowerment initiatives.
    • Honor women business leaders through our Wonder Women Awards Gala

  • WIT Around The World

    Connect with a WIT Chapter around the Globe. We have active chapters throughout the United States, China, Africa, Australia, Canada, Israel, Germany, Greece, Middle East, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, the United Kingdom and more! Contact us today to find WIT Members in your area.

  • The WIT Foundation, inc.

    The WIT Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation which grants scholarships to outstanding young women who are currently seeking college undergraduate degrees focusing on toy design/development, engineering, entrepreneurial studies, and other industry-related programs. If you wish to make a donation to or obtain more information about the WIT Foundation Scholarship program please email

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