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Creating Safe Spaces: Supporting LGBTQ+ Employees in the Toy, Licensing, and Entertainment Industries

In our last post, we discussed the importance of embracing diversity in the toy, licensing, and entertainment industries to connect with today’s audience. Now, let’s dive into a crucial aspect of that diversity: creating safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQ+ employees. Companies in these industries have a unique opportunity to lead by example, fostering inclusive environments where everyone feels valued and respected.

The Importance of Inclusivity in the Workplace

In today’s progressive society, it’s not just about having a diverse workforce; it’s about creating an environment where everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, feels safe and supported. This is especially vital in the toy, licensing, and entertainment sectors, which play a significant role in shaping cultural narratives and influencing public perceptions.

An inclusive workplace improves employee morale, boosts creativity, and enhances productivity. Moreover, companies that prioritize inclusivity are more likely to attract top talent and retain their best employees, fostering loyalty and dedication.

Practical Steps for Creating Safe Spaces

1. Develop Clear Anti-Discrimination Policies. Having clear, comprehensive anti-discrimination policies is the first step toward creating a safe environment for everyone. These policies should explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Make sure these policies are communicated clearly to all employees and enforced consistently.

2. Offer Diversity Training Programs. Implementing mandatory diversity and inclusion training programs can help educate employees about LGBTQ+ matters and the importance of inclusivity. These programs should cover topics such as unconscious bias, respectful communication, and allyship.

3. Establish Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for LGBTQ+ employees can provide a sense of community and support within the workplace. These groups can also serve as valuable resources for the company, offering insights and recommendations on how to improve inclusivity.

4. Provide Inclusive Benefits. Review your company’s benefits package to ensure it is inclusive of all employees. This includes offering health insurance that covers gender-affirming care, parental leave for same-sex couples, and access to mental health resources.

5. Create Gender-Neutral Spaces. Designating gender-neutral restrooms and changing facilities is an essential step in making workplaces more inclusive for transgender and non-binary employees. This simple change can significantly impact an employee’s comfort and well-being at work.

Best Practices for Fostering an Inclusive Culture

1. Promote Open Dialogue. Encourage open discussion about LGBTQ+ matters and inclusivity within the workplace. Create a safe space where employees feel comfortable sharing their experiences and suggestions. This can be facilitated through regular meetings, anonymous feedback mechanisms, or suggestion boxes.

2. Celebrate LGBTQ+ Events. Show your support by celebrating LGBTQ+ events such as Pride Month, Transgender Day of Visibility, and National Coming Out Day. Hosting events, sharing educational materials, and displaying supportive symbols can make a big difference in creating an inclusive culture.

3. Lead by Example. Leadership plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the entire company. Ensure that your leadership team is committed to inclusivity and is actively working to promote a supportive environment. Leaders should be visible allies, participating in LGBTQ+ events and openly supporting LGBTQ+ initiatives.

4. Partner with LGBTQ+ Organizations. Partnering with LGBTQ+ advocacy groups and organizations can provide your company with valuable resources and support. These partnerships can also demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity both within the company and in the broader community.

5. Regularly Review and Update Policies. Inclusivity is an ongoing process. Regularly review and update your company’s policies and practices to ensure they are keeping up with the latest best practices and legal requirements. Seek feedback from employees and external experts to identify areas for improvement.

The Role of Allies

Allies play a crucial role in creating an inclusive workplace. Encourage all employees to be active allies by:

  • Educating Themselves: Learning about LGBTQ+ issues and challenges.

  • Speaking Up: Challenging discriminatory behavior and language.

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Colleagues: Offering support and being a listening ear.

  • Advocating for Change: Pushing for more inclusive policies and practices.

Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ employees in the toy, licensing, and entertainment industries is not just a moral imperative; it’s a business one. By fostering an inclusive environment, companies can drive innovation, enhance employee satisfaction, and build a reputation as an employer of choice. 

With clear policies, inclusive benefits, supportive ERGs, and committed leadership, companies can create workplaces where everyone feels valued and respected.

By taking these steps, companies in the toy, licensing, and entertainment industries can set a powerful example, showing that inclusivity and diversity are integral to success in today’s world.



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