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Women in Toys: Unveiling the Wonder in Every Woman

by EHI OVIASU-KAHN, Chairwoman of the Board at Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment

As the new Chairwoman of the Board at Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment, I’m thrilled and honored to embark on an exciting journey with our community and industry, as we collectively strive to advance our mission.

This year, we celebrate the wonder in every woman at every stage of their career and celebrate their unique and vital contributions. Weaving threads of talent, resilience, and passion, we will help paint a compelling portrait of their professional journeys. Let’s take a walk through what those journeys can look like:

Waking the Spark of Ambition:

At the onset of their careers, women begin the process of cultivating the spark of ambition, developing the courage to explore new challenges within an emerging professional identity. This time is marked by the unique excitement of discovering one’s potential career path.

Navigating the Learning Curve:

As women progress in their professional journeys, the challenges evolve, presenting a heightened learning curve. Navigating this curve can be daunting yet deeply rewarding. During this phase, working women not only absorb career-related knowledge but also master the art of balancing their expertise in various capacities. Demonstrating resilience and adaptability, they adeptly chart a course through the intricacies of personal and professional challenges.

Artwork by Ehi Oviasu-Kahn | Source: Little Art LLC

Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Beyond:

As women ascend the corporate ladder, build their reputations in the industry, and establish their influence, the wonder of their journey extends beyond their workspaces. They not only redefine leadership but also become key voices within their families and communities. Each stride is a victory, not just for themselves but for the myriad roles they embody, inspiring others to break molds and challenge stereotypes.

…All While Performing a Balancing Act:

Multitasking and balancing various roles takes center stage in this phase. Women deftly manage career, family, and personal aspirations, showcasing tenacity and resourcefulness. Their ability to harmonize different facets of life becomes an inspiration for others, highlighting the strength that lies in embracing multiple roles.

Bringing it all together through Mentorship and Legacy Building:

In the later stages of their careers, women become mentors, not only professionally but in the broader spectrum of life. This stage is a marvel of generosity, as they invest in the growth of others, passing on wisdom gained from both their professional and personal roles. Building a legacy, they leave an indelible mark on their work and family landscape, creating a supportive environment for future generations.



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