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WOW Moments: Words of Wisdom from WIT’s 2018 Wonder Women

Whether you’re enjoying your dream career or starting your own business, one thing is for sure: Getting actionable, sage advice from those who came before you can be invaluable.

Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment is committed to facilitating professional growth for its members, and one way they do that is by working together to build a network of support, inspiration, and advocacy. They know there is real value in sharing lessons learned. WIT calls these nuggets of inspiration “WOW moments.”

Here to share their WOW moments are the 2018 WIT Wonder Women winners and honorees. Throughout their careers, they’ve successfully navigated the ups and downs in their careers and have learned that success often comes by learning from the experiences and expertise of others.

SYDNEY WISEMAN Wonder Woman Creator/Inventor Brand Manager, WowWee Ltd. “Listen and learn as much as you possibly can. Being a sponge is the best thing you can be!”

MENAL MCGRATH Wonder Woman in Licensing Director of Licensing Acquisitions, Moose Toys “Authenticity shines brighter than the sun, and makes people want to bask in your brightness.”

DIANA YOUNG Wonder Woman in Manufacturing VP of Product Development, Spin Master “Surround yourself with talented people so you are always challenged to grow.”

JULIE CHRISTOPHER Wonder Woman in Marketing VP Marketing, North America, Entertainment One “Judy Garland said, ‘Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else,’ and that applies to brand marketing as well. Stay off the bandwagon, stay true to your brand’s values, and you won’t be disappointed.”

SUSAN MURPHY Wonder Woman in Public Relations VP, Coyne PR “Whatever you do in life, do it to the best of your ability. No one can fault you for giving it your all.”

CINDY LEVITT Wonder Woman in Retailing SVP Merchandise & Marketing, Hot Topic “Be kind, respectful, professional and gracious in any business situation. We are in a very small industry and you never know who might be your boss or your customer down the road.”

ALI MIERZEJEWSKI Wonder Woman Rising Star Senior Editor, The Toy Insider “Downplaying yourself is different from humility. Work hard and stay humble—but know your worth.”

STEPHANIE MENDOZA Wonder Woman Rising Star Licensing Manager, Sesame Workshop “Everyone you work with has something valuable to teach you. Learn from their best qualities.”

DONNA MOORE Wonder Woman in Sales National Advertising Director, ttpm “It takes more energy to be mean – just be nice. Everyone has a story about their product – just listen.”

NANCY ZWIERS Wonder Women Honoree – Mentorship Award EVP & Global CMO, Spin Master “Your reputation is your most valuable asset – be trustworthy. The truth shall set you free.”

NORMA ROSENHAIN Wonder Woman Honoree – Lifetime Achievement Award Founder & CEO of Creata “Success in any business requires that the products and services we offer be consistently excellent. However, all customers have many options. It is the strength of our relationships that makes the difference. I believe that the customer is always right!”



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