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Taming Your Inner Saboteur

Do you ever find yourself held back by that nagging voice in your head, constantly whispering doubts and fears? Everyone has saboteurs — the negative inner voices that undermine our confidence and hinder our progress, telling us we’re not good enough or that we will fail. While this phenomenon is universal, we all also have an inner sage — the wise voice within us that can challenge the inner critic and help us fulfill our true potential. In this blog based on the WiT Webinar, “Taming Your Inner Saboteur,” we will delve into how to identify your inner critic, understand how this inner voice holds you back, and discover how to tap into the profound wisdom needed to silence self-doubt.

Three Main Saboteurs

Although many people suffer from having an inner critic, there are three main ways this saboteur can manifest. First, we have the self-judge — this inner critic is part of our brain that is always ruminating, constantly criticizing us. It runs on auto-pilot, and disturbs our sleep with worries of failing or thoughts of our past mistakes. This inner saboteur can paralyze us from moving forward by anticipating future failures and discouraging us from trying new endeavors. The second manifestation of the inner saboteur is the judge of others. This judge inside of us is constantly looking for faults in others, sizing up other people and judging our perceptions of how they measure up. The third judge is the judge of circumstances. We frequently are unaware of our minds doing this, but we constantly judge the circumstances of our lives. We tell ourselves we will be happy once we reach another milestone, be it getting a promotion, losing a certain amount of weight, or getting a nicer home or car. This judge of circumstance causes you to give away responsibility for your own happiness and creates a never -ending finish line. Once one goalpost is met, the new one is already placed further away, causing you to constantly chase an unattainable ideal.

Unlocking Your Sage

To combat the oftentimes loud voice of the inner saboteur, you must unlock your sage. Your sage is the inner calm and peace that can help you perceive threat as an opportunity, find the positive in situations, and navigate difficult circumstances with empathy. It is easy to succumb to the negative, and our brains are wired to a certain extent to avoid perceived threats and be hyper-vigilant. All of us have faced adversity and challenging circumstances that have had positive long-term impacts, but in the throes of these difficult times it can be tough to think in a positive manner. But with gentle training and practice, we can rewire our thinking and shift our perspective. Such practice requires awareness, setting intentions, and patience with the process, and with ourselves.

While it may be challenging to maintain a positive mindset during times of adversity, the rewards of rewiring our thinking and shifting our perspective are invaluable. As you embark on this path of self-discovery, remember to be kind, compassionate, and patient with yourself as your inner Sage guides you towards a life where you can embrace your true potential with confidence and clarity.



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